Program Descriptions

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Wild matcha-inspired tea workshop

Starting at 13.00

Matcha green tea is made from tea leaves that are grown in shadow for the last three to four weeks before harvest, called tencha. Alas, we do not have tea plants in the Nordic countries. But, perhaps, other of our delicious and healthy, wild herbs can be useful in the making of delicious, healthy, frothy matcha-inspired teas?

We in Wildcrafted Dinners have been playing with exactly this idea, experimented with different herbs and leaves of trees, and have come up with various frothy teas with flavors like anise and spearmint, some highly aromatic, and ranging from sweet to bitter.

You can learn the basics of matcha Brewing - which is not as easy as it might seem - and get to know a few Nordic herbs, which we will be using to brew delicious, frothy, Nordic teas at this wild matcha workshop.

Natural Dye Workshop

Starting at 13.00

One of the biggest pollution industries in the world is the fashion industry. One of the many challenges that our planet faces is the coloring process of fashion garments. The amount of chemicals that are used for dyeing those fabrics are not only harmful for our ecosystem but also for the people using these garments.

In this workshop you will explore the possibilities of dyeing fabrics with organic food waste that you would normally throw away in the kitchen. This ancient method is slowly gaining more popularity as the world has started to notice how important it is to learn and implement sustainable methods into our own lives.

Here we will talk about how to make different colors, what kind of fabrics to use, how to prepare the fabrics for the best result and how to make different patterns with tie-dye. You will get to try the method with your own hands and take home a little something we have prepared for you to remind yourself of the things you’ve learned!

Image by Anton Darius

Herbal Walk

Starting at 13.00

Come and meet the medicinal plants that live and thrive all around us, even in the most populated and passed-by places of Copenhagen. I don't think one should gather herbs in the inner city, but the fact that they grow in the most inhospitable places, tells us a lot about why they are medicinal plants.

Let's explore together.

Talk: Stopknappen - Changing the Rules of Society

Starting at 14.00

Join us for an inspiring talk about how we can change the world. This event will give you a quick introduction to the key points of the Stopknappen ideology and framework, followed by an open table discussion.

Stopknappen is based on a yet unnamed ideology that believes in humans. It is built on the assumption that we can achieve even more through creativity and collaboration than through competition. We observe that our current system is so paralyzed by the problems of the old paradigm, that it is not capable of proficiently dealing with the overwhelming challenges coming ahead – so we have to replace it with a better alternative. Something that will allow us to live. Allow us to act.

At this event I will try to guide you to a holistic understanding of the framework, leading, as quickly as possible to an open table dialogue or Q&A. We won’t get to touch on all topics but I’m prepared to take the time to answer all questions.


Gro Selv Virtual Workshop

Starting at 15.00

Description Coming Soon

Efeu Jazz Band

Starting at 15.30

Come and enjoy some great Jazz Music.

Band Performing


Starting at 16.00

In the Macramé Workshop, Louise will show you how to weave and hand make a plant hanger from recycled material.

The origin of Macramé is generally attributed to Arabic weavers during the 13th century, using decorative knots to finish the loose ends of hand-woven textiles.

While working on your piece, you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea and/or conversation with your Macramé neighbour - the process can also be somewhat meditative once you get the hang of it.

Dance and Resonance

Starting at 17.30

A playful movement experience, dancing dialogues with live music, playing with resonance, sound waves and voice, and the connections we make across space.

All ages are welcome, please wear comfortable training cloth and indoor footwear. - adults need wear transparent shields, join us for an original movement experiment (-:

With Pipaluk (CI-CPH), Hanne Siboni (VoiceColour) and Maximillian Fornitz Vording (live on vibraphone, daburka, electronic drums)

EDC 20:12:2019 5.jpg

Meditative Ecstatic Dance with Ishtadi

Starting at 19.30

Update: due to The potential danger of wild dancing with masks flying around, were being inspired by the zen to meditate and dance into it

Ecstatic Dance has taken over the world and quickly become the concept which serious dance lovers gravitate towards. It has become the party where people go - to just dance.

Ecstatic Dance centers around co-creating a socially comfortable, safe, and open space. A space where we feel inspired to explore ourselves and our environment through movement and sound. We share the experience in a state of acceptance, clarity and love.

Finding inspiration in the wilderness of nature and ancient cultures, Ishtadi mixes the organic with contemporary electronic beats, bass, midis and samples. In an ever changing, open dialogue with the moment he manages to combine genres and styles enticing one into presence. Creating unique intertwining soundscapes and stories, he brings us to our human roots, awakening us to our senses, releasing into the currents of free sound and movement.

Exhibition "Au Natural" with ARTEM

All day

Young artists sharing their works - all within the subject and frame of sustainability.


More to Come