Image by Simon Migaj

What is the existential basis of Nature People?

Environmental sustainability can often become a very serious subject - and it definitely is! Nature People aims to have a more welcoming and curious approach, though. We know there are countless subjects and possibilities about environmental sustainability - so many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming or confusing to know what to focus on. Therefore we are opening for a simple exploration of possibilities, with a good overall experience included.

Our events are a good mix of festival feeling and learning experience. We believe that a sustainable world is best formed by sustainable people: People that can maintain their own health and well-being while actively improving and supporting others to do so too. Personal sustainability is an important underlying element of our events.


What kind of entity is Nature People?

Nature People aims to be a non-profit organization.

Non-profit means that no surplus of income can be collected by founders. Instead, the surplus has to be invested in other projects or causes. Nature People aims to invest in causes for environmental conservation and re-wilding projects.